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adding stupid interests, aizen doesn't love raymond, anti-(´ゝ`)ism!!1!, arogon son of alfred, atae's fake nose piercing, bartending in the dark, being a mean seme, big gay gundams, boobitari-sensei, buchou is not toast, channaka's freakishly long bitchnails, channaka's magical technicolor invisipenis, cheer up emo kid, chiapetzukamori, chocobanana, chocotoast, cojones-eating kuroboyfriends, cool & beauty, daaaaaaarkness, damn osaka hippies, deneb's crotch candy, desu desu desu desu, do not want, doki doki delight, eyepatch kinks, fuji ex machina, gaku's splendorous muscles, gay hoppers from hell, girls be ambitious, haven't you gomes, he's singing in korean, holy milk, hot for sensei, i'm always winnar, icky dickies, ikaaaaarashi taichou, it's all yuushi's fault, kenta's kansai bike gang, kiki schwarza, kimura-san, kumiko/puppies, kumiko/trystan, le nfu, life has squeeze, llamafucking snakes, loyal retainer/superior one, make me feel goo, makki/tomo, massive truck of fail, masumi/natsuki is femmeslash too, meruki, moebius/zeronos, my precious, nakagawa is our queen, nakagawa motherfucking trystan, okiayu's package, panda territory, pastede on yay, prince of interests, prince of sockpuppets, prohibition against penetration, rave slan, rayken is mono-spreading love, rocks fall everyone dies, save a cowboy, sei-chan, serious business, sexy saito sandwich, shinny, shota-shorts, sing for cock, slutty red haired ukes, soviet russia, spanish friend hi, strawberry milk, strip mahjong, sturgeon's law, sugoi rabu rabu, taichou wants your braaaainz, takieiji's epic blonde moments, takumi's floppy belly, takumi-chin, talkcocksingsong, talking chinkos, tezuka killed the dinosaurs, the greatest perestroika, the green towel, the surch for truse, there is no cabal, to fill za fiyaa, trap-kun, trufax, tsubasa will cut you, tsubasa's passionate stabbing, ulquiorra urquiola uquelala ukelele, wadasaurus velociraptor anticus, wee lil' puppet man, your mom, your thoughts on yaoi, zangetsu says what, zanki-san, zomg, ¦d, ಠ_ಠ, ヽ(≧▽≦)/, 凸(`ε´ ), キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!!!
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